I negotiate with raw materials including annealed wire, plastic tubing, recycled tire soaker tubing, and various other construction supplies to give recognition and worth to otherwise overlooked and nontraditional mediums. These utilitarian materials are transformed into dysfunctional, abstract forms through efficient and obsessively repetitive processes. Through endurance based processes I repeat stereotypical “feminine” gestures such as weaving, crocheting, and knotting that defy the initial industrial function of these materials.
        Utilizing the obsolete method of handwork production strips these manufacturing materials of their original and intended purpose. I investigate how my process of making manifests both a personal and cultural anxiety. There is inherent vulnerability in the creation of these works that contrasts with the finished product, and a palpable juxtaposition between the vulnerable interior processes and the impenetrable finished product. This dichotomy speaks to the anxiety around societal pressures for continuous production and growth. The obsessive and superfluous production of impractical objects exemplifies this absurd fabrication.